Fedelez Intl
El Salvador​ | 2017 >

Development + Marcom

Projects and Operations Director

​Latinoamérica Interconectada

Regional​ | 2019 >

Marcom + Development

Marketing and Communications Fellow

St. Olaf College Marketing and Communications
Minnesota, USA​ | 2020-21


Spanish Language Resident Assistant

Romance Language Department. Spanish.

St. Olaf College

Minnesota, USA​ | 2020-21


Undergraduate Researcher

Caribbean Studies Network. CURI Program

Minnesota, USA​ | 2019


Development, Operations and Sustainability Manager

Caribbean Studies Network. CURI Program

Regional​ | 2020

Education + Development

Digital Design Fellow

St. Olaf College Marketing and Communications

Minnesota, USA​ | 2019-20

Creative + Marcom

Design Specialist

Piper Center for Vocation and Career at St. Olaf College

Minnesota, USA​​ | 2019-20


Academic Formation

B.A. Global Development and Social Enterprises + B.A. Political Science

> Educational Studies

St. Olaf College '21
Minnesota, USA

International Baccalaureate

> Bilingual

United World College Costa Rica '17
Santa Ana, Costa Rica

On Research


Education For Progress

Supervised by Prof. Robert McClure

Independent Research



Chile and The Uprising of the Latin American Predicament

Supervised by Prof. Kristina Thalhammer

St. Olaf College



How Is an Education Model a Social Development Tool?

Supervised by Prof. Kristina Medina

St. Olaf's Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Program


Decidiendo Nuestro Futuro 2020

Latinoamérica Interconectada

Caribbean Studies Network 

Honors and Awards

Emerging Leader.
St. Olaf College 2019

Exceptional Emerging Leader.
UWC Costa Rica 2017

Goodwill Ambassador for the City of Santa Ana.

Costa Rica 2017

VIVA Idea - Scaling the Impact + Social Entrepreneurship Certificate
Costa Rica 2017

​Welcome to my virtual office

​I'm Carlos Fernandez

An international social entrepreneur, educator, researcher, and designer with experience in educational organizations and projects for global and Latin American social development.


I am passionate about education and I specialize in the interdisciplinary study of global development strategies. In particular, through the restructuration of current educational platforms, programs, and policies.


I structured and developed my own degree in Global Development and Social Enterprises, in addition to a degree in Political Science at St. Olaf College after graduating with honors from UWC Costa Rica.

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