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The world is changing, and that's what's moving us forward.

Fedelez is a branch of Fedelez Lainco Ecosystem, a social enterprise that seeks to transform businesses, communities, and people into mechanisms and agents of global change.

We envision a future where organizations, private investment, and independent initiatives can generate greater impact, uplift people, and move communities forward by rethinking the way they work and relate.

Our team of designers, strategists, and specialists collaborate with other top experts from different fields in order to deliver accurate and professional results for our clients —while leveraging and bringing their own stories and experiences to the table.

Why choosing Fedelez Lainco Ecosystem?

You can't expect "better" or "different" results doing the same. Through Fedelez we offer scalable, impactful, and remote services specialized for socially-conscious clients. We put our circularity model in action, as these services allow us to finance and develop programs and initiatives in education, leadership, and citizenship for youth and communities in Latin America through our ecosystem brands.


Fedelez supports the transformation of the working culture and operations of our clients and partners. We offer more than your traditional marketing, creative or consulting agency, by sharing opportunities digitally for youth and rising professionals in the region that are part of our ecosystem, driving international and sustainable impact.

From small and mid-size projects to large and continuous partnerships, choose Fedelez to support your team on your next venture, and start contributing to a better future while getting your organization's needs covered.

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Carlos Fernandez 



Tika Khachatryan

Projects & Client Impact


Ana Maria Lara Lopez

Educational Development and Instruction — Lainco

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Andrea Rojas Escot

Ecosystem Logistics and Integration — Lainco

We feel, believe, and think differently

We work through a changing global culture and shifting paradigms. Are you ready to join the movement?

We bring ideas into action

A social impact ecosystem first in its class. The creative and impact economy in action, driven by communities and agents of change.

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